Tuesday, October 23, 2007

things i love about da bronx

i must first say that there are some days that it would be easier to write about the things in my lovely borough that drive me crazy, but there really is so much good stuff here. the thing I actually appreciate the most about living here has nothing to do with the bronx itself; it is my husband's huge, extended family in and around New York City. i am part of it and so grateful. like they say, "home is where the heart is."

but, back to where I live and what there is to love (remember, i live in the bronx- so "great restaurants" is not on my list)

so here's my short list:
  • the public library system
  • the cultural and ethnic diversity
  • the botanical garden, bronx zoo and wave hill
  • bridges, trains and construction seen through the eyes of my three-year old son
  • orchard beach in any season except summer

This blog entry was prompted by the wonderful day I had today with Jove, Miranda and my mother-in-law, Tati. Because it is unseasonably warm (loving it), we headed out after lunch to Orchard Beach which is actually on the farthest west coast of Long Island Sound. In the summer it is a madhouse, but in the off season it is delightful. We never swim or wade in the water, just in case you were worried for our health.

Jove collected acorns (pin oak acorns are beautifully striped). Jove and I played in the sand and enjoyed the sunny, warm day. Tati pushed Miranda in the stroller, down the boardwalk until she fell asleep. The beach and the park (pelham bay park) that contain it were designed by Robert Moses, the famous architect who designed many of new york city's landmark engineering projects. The park is the biggest in New York City (yup, bigger than Central Park) and it has many different faces: the track where I run, our bike trails, a back road to work, jove's playgrounds and today's adventure, the beach. I am so grateful to have so much green space nearby.

Later in the afternoon, we went to a Chinese Silk Dance workshop at a local library where Jove twirled until he could twirl no more. There are really cool programs offered at the two branches near us and we go often. We have seen a lot of live theater, puppet shows and musical performances at libraries. We even have a library branch at the end of our block.

Jove fell fast asleep after his bath, tired from a fun day of playing in the sand, running down the beach and twirling silk ribbons to make water, dragons and rainbows. We are lucky. Right now, I can't imagine living anywhere else.

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