Sunday, October 14, 2007

fall, family and friends (or pumpkins: three ways)

we have been enjoying fall, family and friends so much in the past few weeks. jove is allowing me to project my halloween and fall vegetable obsession onto him. we go for walks to the local drugstore to buy milk and check out the halloween decorations: we try on witches' hats, push the buttons on the spooky automated skeletons and in a moment of weakness we bought the halloween stickers decorating the pumpkin above. jove likes to act like a monster and talks a lot about things being scary (although he thinks all scary things want to eat someone or something). he really likes scarecrows, but ghosts puzzle him, he asks me, "what are they trying to scare away?" good question.

one of my husband's cousins is visiting from DR and it is his first time ever being in fall weather. he is the uncle of jove's cousins; so we have all been hanging out a lot lately and he stayed at our house this weekend. he made pumpkin muffins with jove and has been playing with him non-stop. jove will go through withdrawl when he wakes up tomorrow to find andy gone back to his sister's house in queens.

We hosted our mom's group for a fall craft playdate which was lots of fun. We made decoupage pumpkins and marigold bracelets and I served the pumpkin muffins and some squash soup. I pureed some of the roasted squash to make baby food for miranda. she loved it (of course). if we start to turn orange in the pictures you'll know why.

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