Sunday, October 14, 2007

Family Science Day

Jove and his cousins had a blast (no pun intended) launching water bottle rockets. My dear husband has been making science come alive for these little guys. Jove's initial foray into experimentation came with erupting a play-doh volcano a few months ago a la Brady Bunch with baking soda, vinegar and red food coloring. We recently built a paper mache volcano which was also erupted as part of the science day festivities. My husband demo'ed the infamous Diet Coke and Mentos experiment for the kids as well.
Ever since I took Jove to the New York Hall of Science which has a Rocket Park with actual rockets in it, he has been asking for a real rocket to go to outer space. This was the next best thing.

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Nanimal said...

ooooooh, wish we could have come to science day!!!!!!!!