Saturday, February 19, 2011

light, wood, stone and trees

Our new house has some pink carpeting, peach walls, piles of boxes and a lot that needs to be done. But, if you look around the mess and beyond the pink you see what endears this house to me.

We bought our first piece of new, high quality furniture. Everything we have owned up until has been handed down or bought on the cheap. Much of our handed down furniture is beautiful and will stay with us, but we are excited to furnish this new space with things we love. So far we have acquired a new dining room table which will fit more people and has a bench on one side which Jove has already said solves his squirming in a chair issue. He is a free boy now.

And there is the setting: the trees and the lake. This morning I saw a red-tailed hawk sitting on a branch above the mini-van. There are so many windows that the outside feels as if it was inside. Here are some photos of our place right after one of our many snowstorms this winter.