Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Miranda

Miranda was born on the first day of Spring. When she was born, her natural birth followed by an extended time at home with her and Jove was a new beginning for me. She brings so much happiness and joy to our family with her sweetness. She is very spirited, always singing and dancing and making up silly languages. She loves to be cuddled and cuddles all of her stuffed animals and dollies. Miranda loves to create, paint and draw. She loves to get dressed up and pretend. In some ways, it is hard to believe she is four years old and is becoming more independent every day. Happy birthday sweet Miranda!

Our Old Florida Adventure

As we welcome the first signs of Spring back home in Connecticut, we think about our days of sun and exploring in Florida. We had a wondrous week spent on my dad's boat, combing the beach for shells, swimming and watching wildlife. We saw Osprey and their nests everywhere. They look like distinguished birds, with tufts of feathers that give them a hint of sophistication. Jove caught his first big fish. Good times were had by all!