Tuesday, July 27, 2010


He has brought them all up on wild berries, they say,
Like birds. They store a great many away.
They eat them the year round, and those they don't eat
They sell in the store and buy shoes for their feet.”
Who cares what they say? It's a nice way to live,
Just taking what Nature is willing to give...

From Blueberries by Robert Frost

Jove and Miranda don their berry picking outfits. Jove wears long pants because he knows the vines have spines and Miranda wears her strawberry dress because fashion is important, even on woodland adventures. We found a bunch of wineberry bushes on a trail in a nearby park last year and when I ran past ripe ones a couple of weeks ago I knew we were ready to go on our berry-picking adventure. Jove is the worker bee and doesn't eat any and Miranda eats all of them and says, "one for me, one for the basket," but in the end she has none.
I tried wineberry smoothies with disastrous results and wineberry syrup on pancakes with fresh wineberries with much happier eaters. Miranda ate the rest of them as snacks.

This past week we were invited to the family lake house of one of Jove's classmates in Massachussets. The clear, deep lake was surrounded by pines and there were blueberry bushes in front of the house right on the water. While Jove and his buddy made the biggest paper airplane ever, Miranda rode an inflatable Orca while I fed her fresh wild blueberries. Jove's buddy's mom made a fresh blueberry pie with fresh whipped cream.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

teachable moments

---- Being with my parents makes me feel taken care of even though I'm all grown up
---- Miranda will always be my favorite ballerina

---- Being outdoors and camping are good for the soul
----Jove and Miranda love to be together (except when they don't) and are lucky to have each other

---- Popsicles bought by grandpa always taste magical, especially when its ungodly hot

----Working hard makes you strong

Life around here has been very busy this last month with a lot of work on the house. Certain moments serve to remind me of all of the fun we are having when we are not doing house stuff and all of the love, growth and change we experience everyday.