Thursday, May 7, 2009

these days

These days I am smelling the lilacs I cut from our yard and thinking of the lilac bush outside my bedroom window growing up. My smell of Spring.

These days I am exploring the world of birds at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and with field guides. I identified a mockingbird that visited our front fence.

These days I am enjoying every moment of sun in a mostly rainy week and every moment with our friends who are moving in a couple of months.

These days I am singing "Little bird, little bird, fly through my window. Little bird, little bird, fly through my window. Buy Molasses Candy." You can hear Pete Seeger's version here.

These days I am in thinking that I need to start recording all of the hilarious things and very interesting questions the kids say everyday like this mom and this mom.


sunnywave said...

oh i love hearing about your days! and the quotes were hilarious! love and hugs, --sunnywave

shirley said...

remember the lilacs outside your bedroom at home? they were white and from grandma arndt.the music is wonderful. i can just see the kids and you dancing around to big bird little bird. warms my heart. love mom

shirley said...

I got Jove a subcription to Nat Geo Kids magazine. I just sent it in..hope he will get it by his birthday..I got him some other things too... love mom