Saturday, May 16, 2009

a bird's nest

Yesterday we went on a nature walk with my mom's group and I talked about birds and nests and all of the kids who were old enough built their own nests out of rocks, sand, seaweed, marsh grass and shells. Jove has really internalized the idea that birds build with whatever materials they have available: rocks, grass, feathers on a farm, moss and lichen in the forest and mud and clay near rivers. We watch the sparrows on our street carry grass clippings and littered paper up to their nests. Ah, city birds...

Today we went to a grassy area to play and Jove started collecting grass clippings to make himself a nest and play baby bird. He hatched, was fed by Miranda and pretended to fly. Then he found a branch and used it to make his own nest. I told him it looked pretty authentic and he told me that he could sell them to birds. I mentioned that birds don't have any money.

I am always wondering how much of everything Miranda understands (Jup says she understands everything) and today it seemed that way. She grabbed a handful of grass and was calling, "Here, robins. Miranda helping robins." These interactions are so amazing and entertaining to see.

Watching and learning about birds, I feel like I am a part of a common human experience. Imagine the first basket weavers and clay bowl builders getting their inspiration from birds.

Lately almost all of our learning takes places this way, we read about something and Jove has an idea about how he wants to do it. Nature, books and Jove's imagination are pretty rich sources of inspiration right now.


Nanimal said...

lovely. I love Miranda helping the robins! what a fun adventure.

conn saw a woodpecker outside the window today and went nuts... the bird immediately flew away (of course)... so we couldn;t look in the book. I didn;t get a good look at him. lol.

sunnywave said...

awwwk!!! so so cute, my heart warms reading this post. LOVE the rebirth of jove as a baby bird and miranda helping robins. so.cute. we actually found a bird's nest in the lower branches of our lychee tree...we call them majeedos, but i think the name they're known for is 'japanese white eye'...

xoxoxo love!