Monday, May 4, 2009


The best part of spending my days with my children is that I get to enjoy their moments of wonder and joy and, perhaps, through connecting with them as children, experience the world as a more beautiful, timeless place.
What really matters to a child? The present moment and the love and excitement they feel in it.

Today, in a brief respite from the rain we walked to the library to pick up bird books and a CD by Elizabeth Mitchell called "You are my little bird." This music has us all dancing and singing around our house all afternoon. I am a big fan of folk singers and have been playing a lot of Pete Seeger's children's songs for the kids. This music is very similar, but her voice is so magical.

So have a listen, wherever you are, especially if its raining.

Elizabeth Mitchell got her inspiration from working in a pre-school in New York City.

If you listen to them, they will teach you so much.

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