Tuesday, December 2, 2008

photos at last

I have been a little remiss when it comes to blogging as of late, partly due to having our much loved Heather staying with us and partly because I have had no access to pictures due to computer issues. Heather has left town (insert weepy sigh) and Jupiter performed some computer
magic to allow some photos to be here. So here goes.... photos.

So, it is almost Christmas and I want to write about Halloween. Indulge me, please. Miranda was a ladybug, which made a huge impression on her and it really seems like she remembers her costume. Jove was a fireman in a firetruck for the second year in a row. We go every year to an awesome Halloween Street Parade in another town and Jove was battling the big kids for the candy that was thrown from the floats. He wanted to go after a jolly rancher in the middle of the street, but for his own safety we advised against it.

I had an awesome thirty-fourth birthday which involved time with my kids, time alone in nature, a night out with my love and a gift of many headbands and beads from Jove. We are modeling the headbands in one of the pictures. I also got a ton of chocolate from Jupiter and tickets for us to go to the Chocolate Show in Manhattan. We took Jove with us and it was so yummy and fun.

So now it is chillier and we have settled into our late fall life: trips to the Botanical Garden to see trains and gingerbread, hanging out at home reading and having dance parties in the living room and we have just started the Christmas frenzy: singing, decorating and reading all about Santa, oh and how could I forget as many cheesy Christmas specials as possible. I am kind of cheesy all of time, and very cheesy in December. I blame my mom, completely. She made Christmastime so fun and exciting for my brother and I when we were little. I want Jove and Miranda to feel that way too.

I feel like this is a shameless, scrapbook style post. I can't help it.

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