Friday, December 5, 2008


I have weaned Miranda and it has been a very emotional week. Nursing her was a very special part of our life together over the last 20 months and our relationship seems different now, not less connected, but definitely changed.

I received some brilliant advice from a good friend of mine regarding weaning and it really worked. Obviously once a child is a toddler they are able to understand that they can no longer nurse and you have to make them okay with that. So, my friend says to make the child think there is something wrong with the breast by using something bitter or otherwise distasteful on them or telling them that they don't work. I did both, but Miranda definitely bought into the idea that I had a boo boo and couldn't nurse her. She hardly mentions it anymore and I am sure it will fade away all together.

So, she's fine and I am a bit of a wreck.


karri turner said...

Long time no... anything :P Hope you are well. Just reading your post and wanted to tell you to be gentle with yourself! The milk hormones take about 6 weeks to clear from your system. It'll be emotional for awhile... i was a mess for a solid 4 weeks. I took a lot of motherwort tincture which seemed to help a bit.
Again, be gentle. And congrats! Weaning can be a great thing.

with love
karri t.

Nanimal said...

ahhhh, I totally hear you. Sweetie - both of you-
You put so much thought into Motherhood and the kids are lucky for it.
We talked about you all yesterday as we were talking about the ones we loved in the car. Miss you! MUAH!

sunnywave said...

carmen, you are such a thoughtful mom and your kids are so lucky to have you. i love coming over here and peeking into your life and thinking about the other side of the world. hugs and kisses, you are the best mom ever. love you