Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas

We spend the whole month of December preparing and celebrating. We read and sing Christmas and winter related songs and stories every morning. We hand made gifts for the kids in our lives (a few still still have to be mailed or delivered): we made animal soaps and little stories about Jove's beans that he grew accompanied by a little bag of bean seeds. We watch all of the old Christmas specials and listen to a lot of Christmas music. We had a gingerbread playdate with our expanding homeschooling group.

We had a big snowstorm the Friday before Christmas which was perfect timing. Jupiter got a much needed snow day, we got to build a snowman and go sledding. Jove played for many hours in the backyard in the snow and has decided that in the next snowstorm he will build a snow fort.

This year we were very lucky to have my brother here with us. Jove and Miranda were very excited to get to spend a lot of time with their tio and Miranda started calling Jason tio soon after he got here. Jason brought Jove some special minerals which Jove was very happy about and they were promptly added to his magic pebble collection.

We went into Santaland at Macy's in Manhattan on Christmas Eve day. It was very hectic, but worth it of course. Jove asked Santa for a toy robot and stained glass (we have some hanging in our front window made by Heather's sister and I always tell him what a special gift it is). He got the robot in the form of Rock'em, Sock'em Robots. It is basically a two-player, mechanical boxing toy where two robots duke it out until one of their heads pop up. I had my reservations about it, but Jupiter was convinced it was a great idea and it was.

On Christmas day, two of Jup's cousins came over with their families. We both said afterward that is was so relaxed and enjoyable. I had made almost all of the food ahead of time, so I got to sit and chat and enjoy the day.

Jove and Miranda were very excited to open their presents. Santa brought Jove tinker toys and Miranda got a baby doll carriage. They got some cool art supplies in their stockings. Of course, they were completely spoiled by presents from my brother, their Grandma, Grandpa and Abuela. The big hit for Jove was a lego seaplane from his abuela and Miranda loves her farm from her tio. My brother patiently helped Jove build the lego sea plane.


sunnywave said...

hurray for snow days!!! :) can't wait to see more pictures of the snow... (hint hint). xoxox

Nanimal said...

yaaaaaay lego world. this is a world I am knee deep in... lol. we adore our soaps. the kids smell great - lol, and we are wanting to learn how to make it now.