Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Letter Man

My little man Jove is pretty obsessed with letters these days; he spices up his discussions of letters with a few rhyming words. He is almost completely disinterested in writing letters, but he loves to make letters out of household objects and toys. One day he uses train tracks (pictured above), or he'll use pieces of paper, sticks, anything really. He also likes to look out the window and find letters in what he sees; one day he tells me a TV antenna on top of a house looks like a lower case t. I say to myself "lower case, when did he learn that?" So I asked him where he learned about upper and lower case letters and he tells me on the computer.

Jove got a cool bag from his Auntie Heather for Christmas this year and when we got it I told him we could use it as a library book bag and he tells me, "No, it is my superhero bag." Ok, Superhero Jove. He says he needs it to carry around his superhero stuff. One rainy day we were playing mailman, he wrote letters and delivered them to "mailboxes" around the house and he said he needed an outfit to pretend to be a mailman, so he wore his cape and his superhero bag. Go Mailman Jove!!


heathre said...

love it - superhero mailman jove! and I'm so happy he likes his bag :)

Nanimal said...

oooh, I want superhero mail!

does Jove need a letter cape? maybe one with a big J on the back? juts send me the word. Connor would sew the seams.