Saturday, March 15, 2008

The bare necessities

We have been pretty busy at our home lately: busy good (a vacation, family gatherings, keeping up with Miranda) and busy not-so-good (sick, taxes, keeping up with Miranda lol). I still make dinner pretty much every night, but I have reverted to cooking my standard dishes. I don't seem to have time to look up new recipes or make elaborate grocery lists. I haven't posted any recipes lately because I have no new recipes to share. I do plan on making a birthday cake for the smaller of two family celebrations of Miranda's first birthday, I'll keep you updated on how that turns out.

I will leave you with my weekly menu for the coming week:

Monday: Garbanzos in Spicy Tomato Sauce with Basmati Rice
Tuesday: Veggie Lasagna and a Green Salad with Goddess Dressing
Wednesday: Corn Tacos with Beans, Pepper Jack Cheese, Guacamole and Chicken-less Strips
Thursday: Curried Cous Cous Salad and Frittata and Birthday Cake!!
Friday: Red Lentil Soup with Rice or Crusty Bread

The weekends I leave open because I have more time and help to allow me to cook with ease. I find it comforting right now to make foods that I have made many, many times and soon I'm sure I will be ready to experiment again.

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