Tuesday, January 29, 2008

chocolate monsters

One day Jove and I are eating Ghirardelli chocolate squares (I won' t say how many) and he starts to gobble his up in true Cookie Monster fashion, and then he declares, "We are the chocolate monsters." I agree; we are the chocolate monsters.

Like a true chocolate monster, Jove always tilts his hot chocolate mug way back to get the last drips of cocoa and it leaves him with a chocolate unibrow.


heathre said...

love it! i'm totally a chocolate monster too :)

Laura said...

Hi Carmen,
Your mom gave me your blogspot info. How fun to be able to see your beautiful family and all of the fun and creative things you are doing. Jove and Miranda are so cute. Of course the food is also mouth watering and thanks for the recipes. Immediate gratification! You are all in my thoughts often.
xoxox Laura

carmen said...

Laura, So glad to see you on my blog. I love that you can see the kids and all of our adventures. I hope all is well with you and hopefully we can see you the next time we come to Michigan, or at least before the kids have become teenagers. ha
Lots of love

Nanimal said...

*snort* hahahahahahaha. I LOVE the chocolate unibrow. Heh. oh yes, how I love the chocolate unibrow. I am so glad you blogged this... seriously this'll be one fo those things you will back on so fondly. ahhhhh.

sunnywave said...

i want a chocolate unibrow, too!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. love you guys!!! xoxoxo