Friday, January 25, 2008

ahhh, Miranda

Miranda is changing so much, so fast. I am in awe of her development and so grateful to be with her all of the time to witness it.
She is mobile, scooting around and getting into everything I keep trying to put away so she won't get into it.
She has two front teeth, plus three on the bottom which give her face so more character and make nursing extra interesting.

She is much more aware of Jove and other babies and children. She will take Jove's toys and fuss if he takes one from her. She has a couple of baby friends from my mom's group that she is developing a relationship with.
Her new love is dancing. She will bop her head to any beat, even the sound of Jove drawing with markers. She also bops her head towards Jupiter's computer to let us know that she wants the music turned on.

I can't believe she will be a year old in a couple of months. And, yes, she still has no hair.

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heathre said...

sooo cute - and hard to believe she's almost a year old?! i'm one proud godmother :)