Wednesday, September 19, 2007

saving pennies and time

i love saving money and making plans. i don't know if these tendencies are neurotic, but i'd like to think they have helped me along in my life. i have started a new habit that has simplified my life so much that i thought i would share it with you. i create a weekly menu for what we are going to eat. this has helped me in three ways: i make only one trip to the grocery store every week, i waste no produce because i buy only what we will need and we eat a much more varied diet because i plan in the variety instead of reverting to easy stuff because i didn't plan. it sounds like it takes all of the romance out of cooking, but i actually like cooking more this way and i spend no time during the day wondering, "what will i make for dinner?" i try more new recipes this way as well.

here's this week's menu:
monday: peanut tofu with rice and veggies
tuesday: red beans and rice with cabbage salad and fried plantains
wednesday: veggie fried rice with soybeans
thursday: going out for pizza with friends
friday: eggplant lasagna and green salad

this week's menu is very easy, the only dish that takes more than 30 minutes is the lasagna. i write the menu on a paper that i post on the fridge. the friend that i got this idea from writes her menu in chalk on a chalk slate like you would see in a cafe.

this is the best new habit i have.

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