Thursday, September 6, 2007

a good week

this past week has been filled with love and the excitement of new things. my oldest and dearest friend heather came to visit us. she met miranda for the first time and got to spend lots of time playing garbage truck with jove. i got some grown-up time with heather (sans jove) and heather got to snuggle miranda, even bathe her a couple of times. i feel so blessed to have heather in my life and excited that my kids have such a cool auntie.
heather agreed to be miranda's godmother (kind of a funny thing to write, considering how non-religious we both are). godparents in latin culture have more of a social role, less religious; so it is in this spirit that we asked heather to be miranda's godmother. i want miranda to have a smart, cool and independent godmother that can guide and nurture her.
when jove woke up yesterday, he asked me if i was sad and i said, why would i be sad? he said, because heather left and then he told me not to be sad because i have him and miranda to keep me company. i am sad that heather lives so far away.

yesterday, jove started pre-school. he loved it and they said he did very well. when i asked him what he liked best, he said, the playground. he goes two days a week. it is a montessori school and so far i am very impressed.

i will post some more pictures soon


heather said...

i miss you guys!!

Nanimal said...

yay JOVE! Cricket and Froggy have been talking bunches and bunches about him this week and hoping he is having fun.

sunnywave said...

awww!!!! aunty heather is the most special aunty in the world... =) so glad you had a great visit!!!! xoxoxoxox