Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring vacation

Spring vacation is upon us and we are so enjoying being home together. We have a few fun things on the calendar this week but mostly we plan to relax and play at home. This semester I have the heaviest teaching load I have ever had and I need to rest and catch up on everything else that has been pushed aside the past couple of months.

The kids have been playing together so much and have elaborate invented games going on all day. They will run into a room to get something they need (scissors, legos, a blanket) and run back to wherever they are playing. Yesterday, they made slime which was a birthday present mailed to Miranda by our good friends across the miles. They had so much fun pretending the slime was a beard, tongue, snake, etc. My kids remind me constantly that the formula for a happy childhood is simple: a few toys, friends (or brother or sister or bunny) and the freedom to play.

Our neighbors whose grandchildren are visiting, hosted an egg hunt in their yard and we spent Easter afternoon hunting for missing eggs and visiting while the kids played. We have have only two houses right next to us but it feels like we have a neighborhood because our neighbors are such good people.

Miranda's big news, which she would gladly tell you herself, is that she got her first haircut. Her hair had become quite uneven over time and although her long locks were beautiful it had to be done. She is quite excited to have short hair especially because the older girl who lives next door also just got her her hair cut short. Miranda now says that she looks at least like a six year old, maybe even eight.

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waterbaby said...

the picture of Carmen sitting at the end of the table at her party, she is so cute and so little ... hardly looking over the top so cute... what a nice party you amaze me with all you do Carmen.. so proud of you !!!