Monday, April 9, 2012

big girl birthday

Miranda turned five on the first day of Spring and we had a big flower party at our house to celebrate. We have a tradition of big birthday parties for the kids and they dream and plan for months about what they want to do at their parties. Miranda wanted crafts and flower games and flowers on her cake. The flower idea first popped up when we gave Jupiter's mom fresh cut flowers on her birthday and Miranda said she wanted fresh flowers on her birthday, too.

Although Miranda leaving her baby ways behind her has been happening for awhile, this birthday seemed momentous. I am trying not to get sappy about my baby growing up, but I have been feeling a little nostalgic lately. I am going to attempt to describe all of Miranda's ways as she embarks on being a big kid. If I had to describe Miranda simply, I would say that she pays attention to everything and knows so much. Miranda has opinions about things, her own analysis of people and ideas. She is detail oriented. She tells me everything she does in school. She asks a lot of "why" questions ... a lot. Miranda memorizes songs she hears once. She loves foreign languages, stories, singing, dancing and painting. Miranda does not like injustice and feels particularly upset about people killing animals to eat them (she is the only true vegetarian left in the house). Miranda loves to be outside, run and climb (especially rock climbing walls). Miranda cares about how things look and appreciates beauty. She loves to bejewel and put glitter glue on every thing imaginable. Miranda is very affectionate and loves to cuddle and be cuddled. She is motherly towards babies, our bunnies and her dollies. I can imagine Miranda as a ten year old and I know she will be kind and smart and probably more girly than I ever was.


heathre said...

happy birthday miranda! Thanks so much for these posts carmen. I miss you guys xoxo

The Clarke Five said...

we miss you! we want to visit.

sunnywave said...

awk!!!! love love love miranda!!! what a sweet post. the big *5*. *hug* to miranda and congrats to mommy!!!! :-)