Thursday, January 20, 2011


We have lived in our new house for a little over a week and I still walk in every afternoon and can't believe it belongs to us.

We still have a lot of unpacking to do, furniture to buy and rooms to redo, but we are enjoying being here every day. I took the kids to get our new library card and books (priority number one) even though I still don't have a garbage permit. The house is near enough to civilization but feels like we are on a retreat (on a lake!). The lake is frozen but I dream of warmer temps and swimming and boating. We saw deer cross the lake and we're wondering if the ice will ever be thick enough to let us ice skate.

The house on the inside is all wood beamed ceilings and windows. There are so many windows that you don't have to use lights during the daytime. The kitchen is big enough that the kids can join me while I cook and I don't bump into them. We have lots of space, enough that we were able to ask my brother to come live with us. And Jupiter's mom will have her own room for her weekly visits.

There are a lot of staircases (one spiral) and two balconies. On one balcony the previous owners left a piano and small organ, so the kids have music time up there. Jove has requested piano lessons which are in the works.

I love this house and know that we will live here for many years to come. I also love that all the work of selling the other house and buying this one is done. What a relief! Just teaching and taking care of the family seems very manageable right now.

The house is perfect for summer guests. We can't wait to have parties and house guests in a few months.

Jupiter is moving down his home improvement to do list; a list which grows everyday.

So happy we found this house!


sunnywave said...

congratulations, carmen!!!!!!! sounds so fabulous! have been thinking about piano, loved learning to read music as a kid, and now you have both piano AND organ, woo woo! pics, pics, pics?


shirley said...

Dream come true!!!! can't wait to see it for real... not just pic... Love Mom

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