Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Fun

Everyone in the house is asleep right now as I blog. We are all tired from all of the Halloween festivities. Both Jove and Miranda were very excited about trick-or-treating and we had to stop a couple of times en route to eat candy.

All of us had Halloween events at our schools: the kids had parades and class parties, Jup did a bunch of cool dry ice demos and was part of a science department thematic costume as gruesome chefs and I dressed as a tree and showed my classic Halloween video "Bloody Suckers" about blood sucking parasites. We did a lot of dry ice experiments at home and had a few failed attempts at trying to blow up a rotten pumpkin in the backyard.

I took the kids to the Botanical Garden for their festivities last week: a parade, cider pressing, pumpkin decorating and other plant crafts. It was a beautiful, warm fall day. The leaf color is peaking right now and we are trying to enjoy it as much as possible.

I have been doing a lot of outdoor labs with my students lately, which is fun for them and for me. I always take my environmental science students many times a year for different labs, but this was my first time taking my earth science students. We hiked to a rock formation which shows features of metamorphic rocks.


sgwaterbaby said...

Miranda is the most beautiful fairy I have ever seen...Jove looks great in his ranger costume too.. with his badge he earned he is a real one... I love the hat.... Miranda is so beautful, just like her mother... people always commented on what a beautiful little girl you were... Love MOM

sunnywave said...

xoxox carmen! what a beautiful family and happy halloween!!!!

sunnywave said...

xoxox carmen! what a beautiful family and happy halloween!!!!

Mr. Mueller's Madison History Blog said...

oh wow... how fun! your last weeks sound wonderful