Wednesday, October 28, 2009

why I teach

I found this illustration on Elsa Mora's blog and I thought it pretty much summed up how amazing it can be to spend my days with young people (including my own children).

She says
"Emotional growth also has a lot to do with being a good observer, with paying attention to other people's pains and needs. Observation leads you to noticing important things and this, at the same time, inspires you to take action. Then, when your action (even a tiny action) makes a difference in someone else's life, you grow a little, and you get to feel better about yourself as a person."

Amazing insight.


sunnywave said...

oh boy, carmen. i bet you are an amazing teacher! i wish the squirrel could be in your science class one day!!! xoxoxo

shirley said...

Hi honey...happy birthday dear are trully watering your students....I know you know, but you are infuencing so many children's futures...I wish I had a teacher like you when I was a child...I'm soooooo proud of you.. and so proud to call you my daughter... your kids are so lucky I live you MOM