Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Orchard Beach

Yesterday was a warm, sunny Spring day that we spent at our nearby Bronx beach with some good friends. Jove and his friend spent many hours moving sand, building moats and channels to create islands, chasing seagulls, running up and down the beach, collecting seaweed and shells. Miranda spent the day getting progressively more of her body wet until the pants had to come off. She loved walking at the water's edge and having me bury her feet in the sand.

Jove and his friend share a special bond and it has been a gift to watch the friendship grow. I am reading a book called The Hurried Child, by David Elkind and it discusses the importance of chumships, intense friendships between young children, in the development of the skills necessary for intimate friendships and relationships in adult life. I thought immediately of Jove and his friend when I read this. They can play together for hours, talk almost constantly, make up games and jobs to do, have their own secrets and experience missing each other.

Yesterday seemed magical to me and I can only imagine that it was for the kids as well.

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sunnywave said...

love the pictures of sunshine...that beach is beautiful!!!