Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Celebrating with Miranda

Miranda had her second birthday last week and we celebrated with a bunny party with close family and friends. The best part was seeing Miranda get so excited about the cake, seeing her friends and cousins, the singing, the games and
wearing her party dresses (she had to change her clothes as new dresses appeared in the gift bags). She led the toddlers in the hopping contest and all of the kids loved hunting for marshmallow bunnies in the backyard. Miranda provided the entertainment by showing off her newly acquired bilingual counting skills (she skips the number two in both languages!!).

The funniest moments of the party were when the kids found Jove's costumes and all dressed up and when the kids found the kazoos in their goody bags and played them very loudly for a very long time. For some of the kids, it was their first kazoo. Imagine the excitement...

I truly enjoy the birthday parties we have for Jove and Miranda at the house and I have done enough of them now that I am pretty relaxed as they happen, although I still marvel at the amount of work they involve in preparation. One year, I called people and sent evites instead of paper invitations and I got a few good-natured complaints from the older cousins that they didn't get invitations in the mail and I realized that the magic of life is in the details.

I have a month or so before I need to start planning for Jove's and he has big ideas about it which change every week. Should be interesting.


shirley said...

Carmen you are amazing!!! the bunny cupcakes are wonderful.. they look good too... love mom

sunnywave said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday miranda! oh how i wish the squirrel could have come to celebrate with you. (you could teach her how to count in another language!!!) the bunny hopping contest sounds amazing, and the hunt for chocolate bunnies, magic. what a wonderful day for the children. xoxoxo love and hugs!