Friday, January 30, 2009

this Winter

Why I Am Loving This Winter

1. A changed landscape of muted hues of gray, blue, brown and white

2. Feeling like I should be nowhere else when I am cuddled up in blanket on the couch reading to Jove and Miranda

3. Reading children's books about winter

4. Watching snow fall out my front windows in my rearranged living room specially designed to maximize snow viewing.

5. Watching the cardinals, doves, sparrows, blue jays, tufted titmouses, starlings and squirrels battle over the bird seed we throw out for them in the backyard.

6. Winter hikes in the woods and snow walks through the neighborhood with lots of snow eating by Miranda and a lot of snow crunching and ice sliding by Jove. And, every once and awhile they both lay down and look up at the sky.

7. Making and eating soup.

8. Feeling like I can catch up on things like photo albums and reading because the garden is sleeping.

9. Following squirrel tracks in the woods and wondering how they don't end up with a rear end full of snow when they land their hind legs in front of their front ones.

10. Waiting with anticipation for Spring to come: wet mud smells, poking plants, buds swelling...


Nanimal said...

oooooh.... these shots are great. I love the idea of tracking. I'm my fantasy life I am a master tracker.

sunnywave said...

oh i love the snow pictures!!! and i was always mesmerized by snow tracks. did you guys read _the snowy day_ (ezra jack keats)?? i love that one! let me know if you find rabbit tracks...always love to find those, too... awww... snowy memories. :)