Saturday, January 24, 2009

Raising Miranda

Miranda has been exhibiting, let's call them, nurturing tendencies. She carries a doll around like Lourdes (featured above) or a stuffed animal. She sometimes gives everyone in the room a doll or animal to hold. She kisses them, pretends to feed them, covers them with a blanket, seats them in a chair, etc. Jove has never done this with the exception of brief cuddling with a stuffed animal at bedtime. Miranda is also obsessed with real babies whenever we see them and she tells everyone over and over again that there is a baby in the room. She is a world unto herself that I am just starting to understand.


sunnywave said...

oooh, what a sweet picture. i love you little miranda!!!!! xoxox

Nanimal said...

oh my goodness.... *heart melts*