Friday, May 16, 2008

Enjoying my two favorite things

As Mother's Day passed, I felt so content that I got to spend the weekend enjoying the outdoors with my family. Jove, Miranda and I went to the Botanical Garden last Saturday and played in the blooming lilacs, dug for worms in the family garden and hiked through the forest. Watching and hearing Jove be so excited about nature is one of my true joys. Miranda is starting to get her hands and feet wet in the natural world. She likes to be down on the ground, picking plants and getting dirty; and she loves animals.

On Sunday, we all went to a local nature center and preserve to wander around. I am doing better with letting go of my fears and letting Jove climbs on rocks, which there are a ton of out here in the Northeast. It was a beautiful Beech-Maple forest with a lake, a stream, a frog pond and a lot of small spots to stop and enjoy.

Happy Mother's Day to all my mother friends and to the mother in all of us women, whether or not we have kids.


heathre said...

such great pics carmen - the one of you and miranda is gorgeous! happy mother's day!

Nanimal said...

love your jacket - hottie mama

sunnywave said...

happy mother's day carmen!! (belated) i'm so glad you had a great outdoorsy day. :) (we had a bbq and then were all sick on the following day, lol, but we made the best of it)

carmen said...

Happy mother's day to you to, Sunnywave!! We are hooked on Top Chef and were sad to see Dale go.