Sunday, May 18, 2008

do try this at home

Jup and I have been doing a lot of science experiments with Jove lately and we have created an experiment "monster." All Jove wants to do is mix things together to see what happens. I am glad he is so excited about science (truly), but sometimes I have to set limits, like only two experiments today or wait until after dinner. I also have had to do some research just to keep up with him. Almost all of my tried and true kid science activities have been exhausted. We have been checking kits out of the science museum's library and Jup brought home a kid chemistry kit from work.

We had a pleasant surprise a couple of days ago when we mixed together dish and hand soap, some food coloring, and a little water. I know you're thinking, "Ah, soapy, colored water..." But, it was the best bubble liquid ever and we used a straw to blow into the liquid and made a ton of bubbles. And, then we figured out if we stuck the straw into an existing bubble we could make it really big or blow another small bubble within it. It was a lot of fun for me too and Jove was all smiles. We had seen a bubble show at the science museum last month and he said we were just like the bubble man.

I am going to be ready to write a science activities book for kids by the time we are done.


Nanimal said...

I need straws - how awesome is this!!!!!!

sunnywave said...

cool, carmen, i'll buy your book!! p.s. we're also watching top chef around here...and got really heated up at the restaurant wars episode--lol!!! **sigh**