Sunday, April 20, 2008

Miranda's new adventures

As Miranda passed the one year mark, her interest in being fed pureed food waned tremendously. She wants to feed herself and eat what we are eating. I usually try to limit this messiness to dinner, giving her less messy fruit, cereal and veggies during the day. She loves rice and beans, eats tempeh and tofu and likes her food well seasoned. She does a good job of getting a lot of food into her mouth until she is full and then she spreads it everywhere: hair, tray, floor, face... which leads to this.

In true younger sibling fashion, she wants to do what Jove is doing. Jove is not always so thrilled about this. Yesterday she checked out one of his paintings. Certain activities have become table top activities for Jove or things we do when Miranda naps.

I am so much busier now that Miranda moves around and pulls up. When you don't see a blog post for awhile, know that I am just trying to keep both babes safe, happy, well fed and relatively clean. Its sounds much easier than it is.


Nanimal said...

mmmm mmmmm paint!

heathre said...

she's getting so big! cuteness cuteness. i miss you guys!