Sunday, February 10, 2013

family life.... fall 2012 until winter 2013

 Miranda: loving kindergarten, excitedly losing teeth (6 so far and another is loose as we speak), singing and dancing all the time, reading all over town and proudly moving on to more complex books, dancing ballet, swimming and doing gymnastics, loves to make art and crafts (her "go to" activity), helps me cook and bake, Jove's constant companion on woodland adventures, full of hugs and cuddles and makes us all laugh and smile all the time

 Jove: rocking third grade, reading a lot of complex books about science (doing his famous person project on Darwin!), into drawing, tired out most evenings from kickboxing, grappling or gymnastics, learning piano, loves math and puzzles, cultivating good friendships with some very nice boys, spending many days building a fort in the woods near our house, he has a big heart and is a very good big brother and friend
 All of us: Most of our family time is spent together outside on hikes or outings, enjoying our home and yard, getting together with friends and family, eating good meals, learning together: reading, doing projects or experiments.  
We stayed home for Christmas and my parents came to visit.
We had a few great days in the city the past few months: we took Jupiter's dad to the Natural History Museum in September, in December we took the kids and Tati to their first Broadway show The Lion King and in January we went to see a Beatrix Potter exhibit at the Morgan Library and Museum, the main library of NYC ( I love libraries!!) and Bryant Park.  I have mostly overcome my aversion to the crowds of New York City and learned to appreciate all that the city offers.

Darwin: our mini-Australian Shepherd.  The day before Hurricane Sandy hit last October, we drove up the Berkshires in MA to get him from his breeder.  He is now five months old and getting bigger.  We had a scare a week ago when he suddenly became limp and listless and he was been diagnosed with Lyme disease.  He is one the mend (and medication) and back to his rambunctious self.

Mama: my time is spent enjoying my family, feeding all of us and coordinating our family life.  I am teaching two biology classes and one section of AP Environmental Science this year.  I often grade in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning which means I am pretty tired most of the time.  I love coffee a little too much.  I am not sure how other moms who are teachers deal with all of the work but I find that the day is not long enough to do everything that needs to get done.
I am really grateful for my extended family and friends: my parents (across the miles), my mother-in-law, my brother, my husband's family, my best bud Sara and her family, our neighbors, school friends and growing connections in our new town.  I feel very lucky.
    I have earned 9 credit so far this year bringing me up to 27 credits towards my 30 credits beyond my Master's and I have re- realized how much I love school. Only one more class to go this Spring.  I love field ecology and science in general.
I run and go to Zumba class once a week. I haul wood every morning, stoke the fire, take out ashes and compost, let the dog out, feed the bunnies, etc.  I read the New York Times every weekend, listen to NPR in the car and read a lot of non-fiction.  I have a pretty big passion for children's literature and spend a lot of time exploring libraries and books with my kids.  I hope/plan to write books for kids when I retire and I have been working on my ideas.  I also think about teaching college...


Papa: Always searching for the best and most convenient devices and products to enhance our quality of life (he could work for consumer reports), taught Jove basic construction skills building our tree house, always chopping and hauling wood,  running and interested in barefoot running, teaching AP Chemistry for the first time, busy being super dad, making homemade pizza, enjoying his craft beers, surfs Reddit and keeps me informed of all important or hilarious trends.

Jupiter in the apple orchard with our good friend

My brother Jason (or Tio Jason as he is known here).  We are happy to have him with us.


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So good to hear from you and about your family!

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Miss you guys! great update blog post :)

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