Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kindergarten here she comes...

Miranda has completed her Montessori preschool tenure, three years which have taken her from toddlerhood to a reading and writing, singing her heart out, sassy outfit wearing, little girl. Next fall, she will join Jove at our local public school, which may be a bit of a let down after having two teachers for a class of only 5-6 kids, lessons in music, foreign language, etc. I have convinced myself that the elitism of private school is somehow more permissible for little pre-schoolers than older kids. She has had an amazing pre-school experience and I was choked up when we left on her last day knowing that all of the people that were such a big part of her life won't be a part of her life anymore.
Miranda's pre-school graduation was equal parts ridiculously cute and ridiculous. Caps and gowns and speeches by five year olds.... Oh my!! My favorite part was the kids singing and playing instruments, they were happy and free and not so focused on "graduating."

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waterbaby said...

I would have loved to hear what she said ...She is an amazing little girl... love her... Grandma.