Thursday, September 1, 2011

coastal living

The past two weeks have been a mixture of the sublime and the mundane as we spent a sunny week exploring the towns, beaches and marshes of Cape Cod to return home to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Irene. The hurricane wasn't a hurricane anymore by the time it got to us and we luckily didn't get any damage. We only had strong winds and some downed branches, but we lost power. Losing power wouldn't be such a big deal by itself but our well pump needs electricity and with no power we have no running water. Doesn't that sound like fun. We were very optimistic the first couple of days, but as we got grimier, we started to feel a little less patient. Yesterday evening, day four of pioneer boot camp, we came home from a dinner out with my mom, who flew in on her way to Italy, and the power was back on. We hooted and hollered and happy danced for a good five minutes. We put away the camp stove, paper plates, emptied the tubs of the lake water we had been using to flush the toilets and we showered, for a long time. Jove is convinced that Grandma had something to do with the power coming back on.

Today we got phones and the Internet back and a normal day with modern conveniences has never seemed so exciting. We, of course, are going back to work promptly. Miranda starts school tomorrow, Jove was supposed to start today but his school just got power back and Jupiter and I start after Labor Day. Happy start of school to all. Happy electricity to us.
Woo hooo!!

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Nanimal said...

hi! miss and love you guys, just stopping by to look at the kids...xo