Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jove's super science lab 7th birthday party

We have a family tradition of having big birthday parties for the kids which they end up talking about weeks before and after the party takes place. This year Jove said that he wanted a science party with experiments and explosions and Jupiter enlisted some of the other science teachers at his school to help. Jove has watched quite a few experiments and launched rockets with us and he loves to hang out with his dad and do science.

We had hand-on science activities and a rock and mineral touch table set up by my brother. Jupiter and his colleagues did a science show and then all of the kids got to launch water bottle rockets that they made. It was a blast! There were a few loud explosions which is why a lot of people have their ears covered. Some young kids were a little freaked out and went inside until they were done with the bazooka.

Just a few days before the party, Jove brought home a non-fiction book he wrote and published at school and it was all about science experiments and how he wants to be a chemistry teacher like his dad. So cute!


Carlie said...

You're an absolute wizard! Such a cool birthday party idea. We were dying that we couldn't make it. We were traveling out west. So glad it was such a hit! And it looks like you had a great turn-out too! (Love the book he heart-warming is that?)

heathre said...

i want to come swim in your pool!! happy birthday jove :)

sunnywave said...

looooove this! and did i read bazooka!? what fun! xoxoxo love you guys!

waterbaby said...

What a wonderful birthday .... Happy Birthday Jove.... wish we were there to share it with you ....we are so looking forward to seeing you, your sister and and mom and dad... grandpa and I are counting the days... Love grandma