Friday, August 20, 2010

summer fun

Our backyard pool finally feels worth its while this summer. Jove can swim independently and it has been super hot so the pool is getting used almost every single day. Two of our neighbors have their grandsons with them almost every day and they come over to swim with Jove all the time. Miranda has made the leap from floating in a tube to swimming with the vest by herself.

We were supposed to go our good friends' house in Virginia this week but their kids are pretty sick so we had postpone our trip indefinitely (boo hoo). We were all very sad not to able to go and had a lot of open days on our calendar. Jove requested a trip to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania for the day. The park reminded me a lot of Cedar Point in Ohio but it had more stuff for kids and a water park area. Miranda rode a log plume ride and only moderately freaked out and Jove rode real roller coasters for the first time. I think he is braver than I am. This park will definitely be the one we go to for a few years.

This week Jupiter and I have started to have daily evening conversations about teaching matters. The wind down into the school year has begun. I am glad we are both teachers for so many reasons and being able to share the joy of the summer as a family is on the top of my list. We have so many ideas for extended summer trips for the future as the kids are older and able to do more things: next summer we will travel in the Dominican Republic, we want to go out West with the kids and I really want to do a multi-week trip to Australia and Indonesia. We still have some end of summer adventures planned for the next couple of weeks: Jove and Jupiter's backpacking trip, a week of nature summer camp for Jove and a trip to a Renaissance Faire. And, every evening I will be working on my lessons.


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Nanimal said...

cool. chris and I have started to do the school talk at night as well. the slow wind down of summer. Man... I love summer

sunnywave said...

love the hershey park! i went there as a tiny tot... woo woo!!!

xoxox love and hugs!!