Tuesday, March 30, 2010

our very happy fairy

Our little baby girl has turned three and her fairy (and wizards) birthday party was an event she has been dreaming about for quite a few months. Miranda loves details and talks about many of the little things that happened at her party.

The day after the party, I asked her what her favorite part was and she said "drinking punch out of fancy cups." The Universe helped me out a bit with an unexpected day off the week before the party and beautiful, warm weather the day of the party which allowed the magic show, cake cutting and the winding down of the party to take place outside.

All of the fairies decorated wings and the wizards decorated swords (its a stretch, I know). The kids who arrived early got their faces painted. The girls wore flower garlands and wings. We had a rockin' magic show that entertained adults and kids alike and included a lot of magically appearing bunnies, which Miranda loves.

We played some games including fairy freeze dance where all of the kids danced, freezing in place when the music shut off and Miranda unfroze them with her wand. The older cousins would wait in funny poses for her to unfreeze them to make it more fun for her.

As the planned activities winded down, the older kids played in the backyard and Miranda played play-doh with younger kids inside. It was a wonderful day and she was so excited about all of it. This last picture is from right before the party started, Miranda was singing a song that she made up about the party. Such a cutie, that Miranda!!


Jennifer said...

another amazing themed party for an amazing little girl...good job mommy!!!

heathre said...

so cute - looks like a fabulous party!!

shirley said...

Dear daughter, you totally amaze me!!!. The look on Miranda's face in the pictures says it all. She was having the time of her life. You are such a wonderful Mother, making so much fun for the kids. I'm Proud of you... Love MOM

Nanimal said...

holy crap - what a party and MAN... she is cute!

sunnywave said...

happy happy happy birthday miranda! (good grief, this aunty sucks and is totally late) love the fairy party!!! she is adorable!!!!

Xirey said...

Hey Carmen, this was a fabulous party for Miranda, just watching her drink her punch was very cute.