Friday, January 1, 2010

recent events

Big family parties for Christmas at our house and New Year's Eve at Tati's house.

The New Year's Eve arrival of the much-beloved Andy from DR a little before midnight.

Miranda soaking up the attention from her cousins Chris and baby Jhaden.

A trip to a lodge with a water park in upstate New York which Jove loved.

Jove lost his first tooth.

Miranda spending a lot of time dancing with Daffy Duck during the kids events at the hotel: bedtime stories, welcome parties and crafts were all attended by costumed Looney Tunes characters. Miranda loved it.


sunnywave said...

oh boy! what fun!!!! Happy New Year!!! xoxoxo

Carlie said...

Yay blogging! Thanks for sharing your link.

Jove looks so much bigger since I last saw him and I had no idea you had a daughter now too! So exciting!

I would love to come down and bird with you in The Bronx...we should make it a me at my contact shown on my blog and we'll talk dates and get something concrete on the books.

I am thinking baby names all the time now because we're working in the perfect moniker for Child Three...and I often think of Jove and am so inspired by your naming job. I think his name rocks. You impress me.