Sunday, September 20, 2009

These days

These days I am enjoying the fruits of my labor (and Jove's): daily cucumbers, a few butternut squashes, popcorn (three ears to be exact), the last of the tomatoes and basil and hopefully salad greens and snap peas 6 weeks from now if my fall garden behaves. I was supposed to plant the peas and the greens 3 weeks ago, but I have been SO BUSY with going back to work it didn't happen until this morning.

These days I am grateful for outings with the extended family on sunny, fall days. The fridge is full of apples and raspberries picked yesterday during our annual pilgrimage to Hurds Family Farm. I love this place. I know I have mentioned the cow train before. I love it. The tractor driver was particularly entertaining: steering with his leg, driving standing up and, of course, hooting and hollering. We all went twice.

These days I am occasionally unable to sleep because my to do list won't let me, so I get up at four in the morning and get a ton of things done. Its crazy, I know, but somehow I feel better being exhausted than getting a couple of more hours of sleep and being behind on my work.


sunnywave said...

yummmm...fresh picked raspberries and apples!!! did they have fresh apple cider, too? love the cow train, moo! ;)

shirley said...

this is so wonderful this blog... I get to see you all, all the time.. the cow train what a hoot!!!. I'm sure the kids loved it.. more pictures of you dear daughter... apple picking what a fun time I miss those days when you and Jason were small and we went to get apples, cider and donuts.. Love Mom