Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a day in the city

This morning we drove into Manhattan with very little traffic and found parking on the street a couple of blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

We checked out the Egypt exhibit which impressed us all with the amount and variety of objects displayed. Jove was yelling "mummy case" loudly every so often and we had to suppress the kids irresistible urges to touch things, but otherwise they were angels. Luckily, all of the jewelry was encased since Miranda has a thing for jewelry.

We ate lunch in Central Park. Jove rolled down any and all hills while Miranda chased Pigeons.
We explored the park a little: playgrounds and statues. Then Jove saw the boat pond from a distance and recognized it from the Stuart Little book we read last fall. Jove and Miranda (and Jupiter) all had a turn with the remote-controlled boat.

We got out of town before the afternoon traffic and for a moment I felt like I understood why people love Manhattan. I love it one day at a time, preferably ones with no traffic and available parking!!


sunnywave said...

what a beautiful day in the city!!! :)

Nanimal said...

oooh... it does sound lovable. I do love this post, it sounds like an awesome day

shirley said...

What a wonderful day for the kiddos.. I can feel the breeze over the pond as I look at Jupiter and the kids and the boats. What fun.. I'm so happy you both have the summer off. The kiddos are so lucky... Love Mom

shirley said...

From now on make sure Jup takes some pictures of you dear daughter. I was always behind the camera and for a long time there were no pictures of me. the kids will want pics of you throughout their life too, not just them... Love Mom