Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Highlights

We had a really special Christmas holiday in our home. Jove and I have been crafting, reading and singing for weeks and I have really enjoyed watching him get so excited.

Our Christmas:
  • Our friends come over for a little NYC "brown couch," since we can't be with the rest of the Michigan family. See the picture above where Jove is playing with the baby present and the babies, of course, are playing with the ribbon.
  • Jup's side of the family: sisters, cousins and kids all come over on Christmas day for playing and eating.
  • We visit Santaland at Macy's and their amazing windows and Jove sits on Santa's lap, he really was more excited than he appears here. The good pictures cost way too much so we only have our mediocre pics. He asks Santa for a crane (probably because we drive by all of the construction on the way downtown) and Christmas morning he got a crane.
  • Miranda being such a big girl: sitting and playing by herself, rolling around, calling papa "da da," enjoying the wooden eggs that Santa left in her stocking
  • Jove and I finishing our gingerbread house and me finishing all of the origami I made for the kids in the family.

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sunnywave said...

thankyou so much for posting the nyc brown couch!!!! and i LOVED our crane ornament, thank you!! i can't wait for the day when the kids can meet--dod you think you could make it to hawaii in august 2007? :) big hugs, xoxoxoxox