Friday, August 10, 2007

summer highlights

i know the summer isn't even over yet, but i feel like we have enjoyed this summer so much. of course, having papa at home with us is wonderful. the best things so far this summer have been watching miranda change from a newborn into a laughing, babbling baby, swimming in our pool with lots of friends and cousins and going on our trips camping and to visit friends and family in michigan.

we have a lot to still enjoy this summer: a couple of trips, a visit from auntie heather and hopefully more warm, sunny weather.

best of summer 2007 (so far)

  • jove playing in the sand at my parent's house on lake huron and driving grandpa's boat (he has since told us he wants us to have a house on the beach)

  • my dad and brother meeting miranda

  • mini-reunion with nan and fam and maggie and bruce

  • camping in the catkskills with miguel and olga's family and cousins

  • jove's 3rd birthday bug party

  • jove being able to swim by himself

  • jove spending a lot of time with his cousins

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heather said...

welcome to the blogging world carmen-cita!!! can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks.