Tuesday, July 31, 2007

start at the beginning

i have decided to start blogging after much consideration. a couple of people i know and a couple that i know only through their blogs have inspired me to share some of the moments of our life.
i have two young children and a passion for the outdoors and cooking in my kitchen.
here's a pic of jove and i making a twig raft. it floats.


sunnywave said...

i love it!!!!!! thanks so much for putting up a blog so i can peek into your world. :) xoxoxo love you!!!

Nanimal said...

I second that... yay for being able to keep up with eachother in this awesome way! AND Carmen recipes... sweet.

Sara K. said...

Love the bolg! Makes me want to build a twig raft and float away on it. Looks like both you & Mike share Shawshank as a favorite movie - you'll have to compare notes.